Super Seafood Industry Kit

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The Seafood CRC is pleased to introduce the Super Seafood Industry Kit which “translates” the results of a major CRC communal project. 

The kit provides seafood producers, processors and retailers with the most up to date analysis of the nutritional value of Australian seafood. 

The kit has been developed from the very detailed study – “Australian seafood compositional profiles” (Project 2008/905) undertaken by the South Australian Research and Development Institute which was led by Dr David Padula and Dr Cath McLeod.  The kit is exclusive to CRC Participants.

This is the first major update of seafood nutritional information in more than ten years.  This new information can be used now to support marketing claims based on nutrition and to prepare nutrition information panels required on seafood products.

What is in the Super Seafood Industry Kit?

You will find a suite of downloadable resources for 23 Australian seafood species in pdf and  jpeg on the member’s only section of the Seafood CRC website.  CRC Participants will get exclusive use of the material for a period of three months. 

 The resources contained in the kit for each species include:

•           Fact sheets that outline how to use the information provided.

•           Nutrition information panels.

•           Daily intake guide images (which can only be used if companies sign the Australian Food and Grocery Council Code of Practice for Labelling and Promotion – refer

•           Health claims that can be made, including marketing images.

•           Marketing images that show omega 3 comparisons of seafood species with either chicken or beef.

•           Other supporting documentation (industry guidelines)

 All these resources are available for the following species:

•           Farmed Ocean Trout

•           Farmed Barramundi

•           Farmed Yellowtail Kingfish

•           Farmed Ocean Trout

•           Wild Australian Sardines

•           Wild Gummy Shark

•           Wild Sea Cucumber

•           Farmed Prawns (Banana and Black Tiger)

•           Wild Prawns (Banana, Brown Tiger, Endeavour, School and Western King)

•           Farmed Oysters (Native, Pacific and Sydney Rock)

•           Farmed Abalone (Greenlip and Blacklip)

•           Wild Abalone (Greenlip, Brownlip and Blacklip)

•           Wild Southern Rocklobster

For More Information

For information on the species data – contact Dr Cath McLeod or phone 08 8303 9623. 

For information about the industry kit in general and for the original Illustrator files for your marketing or graphic design team to adapt the material for your own products, you will need to contact Emily Mantilla at or phone 08 8201 7652  

For access to the member’s area of the CRC website – contact Rachel Robbins

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