Shellfish Production Aquaculture Technology, Global Perspective of Bivalve Hatchery Processes

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A new report “Shellfish Production Aquaculture Technology, Global Perspective of Bivalve Hatchery Processes” is now available here.  The report is by Ian Duthie, 2010 Nuffiled Australian Scholar.

Some of the key findings in the report include:

  • Collaboration has been essential for the European and American producers, who have experienced greater than 50% reduction in production in some circumstances due to disease and environmental factors. Identifying these problems and their likely solutions and consequences for the Australian industry is important.  Other lessons for the Australian Industry include:
  • Develop a network of international shellfish hatchery producers, providing for opportunities to interact, not just at the managerial level, but also between technicians, encouraging discussion of issues influencing “success”.
  • Recognize the advantages of using ‘Collective Intelligence’ between hatcheries where they collaborate to find solutions to common problems, such as disease management, selective breeding, polyploidy and water quality.
  • Vertical integration was also successfully demonstrated, as were synergistic ‘joint-venture’ relationships between shellfish hatcheries/nurseries and grow-out producers who share similar values and attitudes.
  • Species and product diversification should be adopted by shellfish businesses to mitigate risks and optimise human and capital resources.
  • Build strong on-going relationships with key staff, as they are the fundamental to business success.
  • Encourage staff exchanges, secondments between national and international colleagues within the shellfish industry, where issues of direct competitive pressures aren’t significant.
  • There is the opportunity to build a clam aquaculture industry in Australia using existing hatchery technology.



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