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Pacific Oysters

This trial will see if the idea can be commercialised

The oyster industry has heard the consumer and has responded with a branded oyster merchandising unit that will appear in De Costi Seafood’s stores in Sydney and central Coast in December.  This is part of a trial to improve presentation of oysters at fish mongers.

In response to Seafood CRC consumer research results which demanded origin transparency and freshness, the display units clearly display species, region of origin, and a flavour descriptor.  After purchase, a sticker across the top of the pre-formed tray displays the same origin information with storage details. A support flyer details everything from species, storage, flavours, opening, locations and a recipe.  In February, oyster demonstrations begin at selected stores.

After looking at consumer, retailer & grower feedback with the in store sales results and a cost benefit, we’ll decide whether the idea can be commercialised.

The flyer

You can also download a copy of the oyster recipe booklet here

In Store Photos

Check out these latest photos of the new promotional material being used in store.



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