Recording a history of oyster growth and mortality

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Video eNews project update

Prue Woodford, Co-ordinator, Sustainable Oyster Assessment Program, South Coast NSW

Watch Prue’s update from 3.17 mins

“Hi there. My name is Prue Woodford and I am coordinator of the Sustainable Oyster Assessment Program abbreviated to SOAP. SOAP is a NSW south coast oyster monitoring program covering 7 estuaries from the Shoalhaven to the Victorian border.  SOAP is funded by South East Local Land Services and Catchment Action NSW and it’s in its 3rd year of monitoring.

Juvenile oysters are cultivated in floating baskets and graded every 8- to 10 weeks using an automatic oyster grader. Through the program we collect information on mortality and growth at 30 unique sites across 7 estuaries.

SOAP has two primary goals. The first goal is to collect baseline information on growth and mortality to categorise productive capacity of oyster growing areas. And the second goal is to better understand the relationship between water quality and environmental stresses relating back to catchment health. The big picture goal is to establish and collate a long-term data set for oyster performance across each of the estuaries.  This is information that industry needs to better manage their leases and to maximise business profitability.

If you would like further information, please visit and click on the monitoring tab.”


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