POMS R&D investment

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POMS research

New POMS research and development investments to occur

Oysters Australia R&D group met on 20th March 2013 and resolved direction on three POMS research and development related investments.
These are in addition to already funded CRC & FRDC projects on breeding for POMS resistance and ‘animal health’ science behind POMS in Australian oysters:

  1. Expand the breeding program to investigate the potential to include breeding from POMS survivors to enhance genetic gains.
    This could be an addition to CRC project 2012/760: “Genetic selection for resistance to Pacific oyster mortality syndrome” that started in late 2012.
  2.  Support application to FRDC for additional ‘animal health’ research to;
  • Undertake more family line monitoring in field and extend monitoring to Hawkesbury to ensure same results between estuary (location effect)
  • Validate laboratory infection results with those observed in the field.
  • Correlation between larval survival & spat survival (if larvae is affected in the same way, families can be tested & survivors identified very quickly)

3. Test methods to ensure disease free stock can be produced from adults from POMS affected areas to allow translocation (essential support for breeding program & hatchery)

Recommend funding of 1 year funding of 3, for a small project in the Hawkesbury testing whether spat can be held in on-land tanks during the infection window. This could be important for growers and hatcheries operating in infected areas.


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