Lifting the Game in Seafood Retail

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Branded merchandising units housing oysters from different regions are planned as part of a trial to improve presentation of oysters at fish mongers.

A seafood retail chain will trial the use of the unit supported with accompaniments, consumer / store staff education materials, and a demonstration shucker.

The project has been designed in response to Seafood CRC consumer research results which demanded origin transparency and freshness. After looking at consumer, retailer & grower feedback with the in-store sales results we’ll decide whether the idea can be commercialised. Project planned for September start.

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4 Responses to "Lifting the Game in Seafood Retail"
  1. admin says:

    I look forward to seeing these in the shops and news of whether the trial was successful.

  2. cassie says:

    I too look forward to seeing the displays and viewing the edudcational material, particularly what focus the material will have: product storage, sustainable production, recipes. hope they are oosing with glossy mouth watering shots of the best seafood choice:)

  3. roy says:

    Where and when are these trials being carried out?
    Supermarkets fail to train their seafood staff.
    Comments started back in August so what are the results and info to date?
    Seafood retailing needs a revolution and it needs to be backed up by training and strong advertising and promotion
    Very few retailers can tell you anything about the oysters or where they are from and there is fear of some mixing of oysters through the seafood chain

  4. Tom says:


    Thanks for your comments. You’ll find more details on this site at

    Cheers, Tom

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