Ep 1 Australia’s Talking Oysters: Matt Cunningham

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POMS resistance breeding update

Matt Cunningham, General Manager ASI

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Matt’s Transcript

Late last year we ran a field challenge in the Georges River with Year Class 2012 spat. In this trial we had mortality rates ranging from 20-80% which means we get really good genetic information. In the hatchery we’ve just completed producing 80 families for the upcoming POMS trials. These are from our second generation of POMS families and the results will be worth watching for.

Field challenges can be difficult so a critical part of our project is the development of a lab based trial. Researchers at EMAI are having success in this area and have recently been able to infect oysters with stored virus.

Finally you may have heard of the syndrome which is causing mortalities in Port Stephens. We use this site as a holding area for our oysters on the way to the Georges River and we’re currently looking at risk mitigation measures for our project. If you require any further information please feel free to contact me. Matt Cunningham or 0417 965 405


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