Ocean Acidification Causing Pacific Oyster Die Off

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Source: As CO2 levels increase in the atmosphere, near-shore waters are becoming more acidic, which can hurt the shell strength of marine organisms. The early stages of shell growth are sensitive to increasingly corrosive seawater, reports a new study, and it’s causing commercial oyster operations in the Pacific Northwest to fail. Young oysters begin […]

Image credit: Coffee and Champagne

New York Oyster Week

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Source: Coffee and Champagne It’s Oyster Week! In true New York fashion, it is a two week long affair—September 11 through the 28th, 2014! How grand! Let’s celebrate the oyster! Much like restaurant week, there will be featured Oyster Week themed menus at restaurants for enthusiasts to enjoy and novices to explore. Much aligned with […]


Norovirus survey

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Sampling of Australian shellfish for human norovirus (NoV) and hepatitis A virus (HAV) has started under a FRDC funded project. International regulatory pressure has meant that many shellfish producing countries now test for norovirus in their SQAP programs to reduce illnesses related to norovirus. The project aims: To design a statistically robust survey to evaluate […]