Assisting Sydney rock oyster growers to adapt to climate change across the supply chain.

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The ‘Growth opportunities and critical elements in the value chain for wild fisheries and aquaculture in a changing climate’ (FRDC 2011/233) project aims to analyse all activities within a sector (known as supply chain analysis) that will reveal climate related adaptations for a selected set of fisheries.

Much of climate change research on fisheries to date has been on the species biology and the perceptions of fishers. Climate change impacts can spread from the catch end of the value chain, or impact directly on higher elements of the chain. Therefore opportunities for improvement, inefficiencies and adaptation may occur at different points along the value chain.

The project is looking at commercial (e.g. rock lobster, prawn), indigenous (Torres Strait lobster) and aquaculture sectors (Sydney rock oyster, prawn). Information on the existing conditions and prospective opportunities and barriers will form the basis to develop adaptation strategies through life cycle analysis, demand analysis and social perception studies.

This project’s outcomes will include:

• Supply chains (present and future) for the case study fisheries and aquaculture businesses along with life cycle analysis (LCA) for selected value chains which will identify inefficiencies and potential points for increasing profitability.
• Market integration and demand analysis for each case study which will identify strengths and weaknesses in the value chain, and together with the life cycle analysis, contribute to the development of adaptation options.
• Development of realistic adaptation management and policy options will enhance cost-effectiveness along the value chain.

The project expects to generate targeted recommendations in relation to efficiencies and reduction of the carbon footprint. Consultation and interaction with stakeholders (industry and policy) via social research methods (interviews) will evaluate the feasibility of adaptations across the fisheries value chain.

This research has the potential to develop approaches to aid Sydney rock oyster growers to adapt to climate change across the supply chain.

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