Angasi oysters: High export hopes for forgotten native Australian oyster

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Source: ABC News

The lure of a lucrative European market is prompting a growing number of Australian shellfish producers to invest in native angasi oysters.

The flat oyster already fetches around double the price of the better known Pacific oyster domestically, and the industry says it could potentially fetch up to five times the price in countries like France.

“Their native flat oyster is identical in flavour and appearance to ours,” South Australian oyster grower Brendan Guidera said.

“That used to be their main oyster up until the early 70s, and as they get rarer and rarer they also become more sought after.”

Mr Guidera, a Coffin Bay producer, is one of the country’s most awarded shellfish farmers.

While he has built his company Pristine Oysters around Pacific oysters, he is also leading the revival of angasis.

Read the full article, which also includes report created by ABC Landline on the topic, at ABC News

Image credit: ABC: Kerry Staight


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